Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions of 2009

So here were last year's resolutions.  Let's see how much I've accomplished, shall we?  (And yes, tomorrow, I'll have new ones posted.)

Resolutions of 2009

1) Finish the three stories I have started.
Yup, accomplished that.  Actually, I totally did more than that.  In 2009, I finished not only those three stories, but a total of 14 stories.  So suck on that.

2) Write poems that total 230.
I didn't actually do that, but I came close.  In my poetry folder, I have a total of 211 poems.  Poems, to me, are more difficult to write than stories because the story is smaller and I don't want to say the same thing over and over again.  Plus, they're short, and I have to be in the mood to write poetry when I'm always writing stories.

3) Give up fast food.
Oh yeah, did that.  That was a lot easier than I ever expected.  Once I make my mind up about something, it's easy to just do it if I really want to.  And I really wanted to do that.  And I did.  I think I had McDonald's once, and it tasted so greasy, so salty, so gross after being without it for so long. 

4) Collect every Johnny Depp and Christian Bale movie.
Haha, no.  Um... I'm getting there, but once I get a job (Ha!) and have extra spending money.  But I'm kind of there.

5) See Public Enemies five times in theatres! (It would be a record if I did.)
Okay I saw it four and a half times.  So I was seriously close.  And I own the DVD.  So it still kind of counts.  A little.

So I was nearly more successful than I thought.  Not because I'm not disciplined, but because my mind is always changing.  But it was a good year.  I remember it quite vividly. 

And I can't wait until 2010.

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