Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday

Ugh, I'm so sorry for my impromptu hiatus.  School, writing, and a cold have been pestering me.  I'm not one hundred percent better, but I wanted to update the blog.

This Monday, I have only one recommendation: anything by Lana Del Rey.  Her debut album, Born to Die, is amazing.  Don't listen to the haters, don't let her SNL performance throw you off: She's amazing.  If you're familiar with my work on Fictionpress, you know I tend to write about dark, sometimes bad characters and make them the heroes without trying to change them.  Nearly every single one of her songs is a story about bad heroes. 

I can hardly choose my top 3 favorite songs of hers, but I'll try:

1)  "National Anthem."  On repeat and obsessed.  Absolutely no lie.  The hook in the chorus gets me every time: "Red, white, blue's in the sky, summer's in the air, baby, Heaven's in your eyes."  I can't stop listening to it.  Here.

2)  "Off to the Races."  Such a poppy, gangster song.  Here.

3)  "Million Dollar Man"/"Dark Paradise"/"Summer Sadness"/"Born to Die"/"Video Games"  (I told you I couldn't choose!)

I hope to be back soon, but we'll see.  Until then, I hope you enjoy the music!