Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And so the lists begin...

So at the end of every year, every magazine ever makes up some lists that deal with whatever genre the magazine is.  I really don't have a genre to myself, but you now how I love to make lists...

Sexiest Man Alive:  Johnny Depp.  Duh.  But let me go into why.  Personally, I am fascinated by his face - I particularly love his nose and cheekbones.  And his smile that lights up his face.  And his eyes you can simply drown in.  But besides all of that, he is completely and utterly talented, gracious with his fans, and most of all, humble.  He's sexy because he doesn't try to be sexy.  And I am irrevockably in love with him.

Sexiest Smart Guy:  John Cusack.  If you read some of his blogs on the Huffington Post, you can immediately feel his passion.  He knows what he's talking about things.  He has an impish grin and beautiful black eyes with matching hair I wouldn't mind running my fingers through.  Plus, he's my future husband.

Sexiest Action Star:  Christian Bale.  (He was totally blackballed from People's list, can you believe it?)  He proves that it's possible for a person in Hollywood to have both good looks and talent.  He does his own stunts (most of the time) and infuses depth in his characters.  And have you seen those arms?  Damn!

Sexiest Badass:  Clint Eastwood.

Sexiest Dancer:  Christopher Walken.

Sexiest Doctor:  Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House.

Sexiest Crime Fighter:  Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Sexiest Accent:  Gerard Butler.

Sexiest Bond:  Daniel Craig.

Sexiest Troublemaker:  Johnny Knoxville.

Sexiest Rapper:  Eminem.

Sexiest Double-Timer:  Joel McHale.

Sexiest Brat Packer:  Judd Nelson.

Sexiest Ghost:  Heath Ledger.

Sexiest Darcy:  Matthew Macfadyen. 

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  1. You know i think we would get along very well. I agree with all of those except a few who i havent heard of but especially Mark Harmon... mmmm he is yummy as well as Michael Weatherly.. mmm he is scrumptious. Haha anyway.. yess