Sunday, December 6, 2009

Phobias and other nonsensical things

I never actually thought I had a phobia of anything before until I got into a U-Haul with my mother behind the wheel.

Now, don't mistake me and think that I'm afraid of my mother's driving because I'm not.  At times.  But for whatever reason, I have a phobia of enormous moving vehicles.  I get a chill every time I pass a motorhome, vowing that when I do have children and when we all go camping, my kids are going to be cramped in the back of an eco-friendly car and they are going to like it.  We will camp in a tent just like everybody else did back in the day.

I can get in a U-Haul, but I have to be either reading or listening (I choose to do both) in order to distract myself from the fact that I am indeed in a U-Haul.  Don't start giving me logic; I know that U-Hauls are safe (unless, of course, one engages in a sharp turn going over fifty - if they can even get the U-Haul at fifty).  I can't explain why I'm afraid of big cars and the like.  I just am.

At least phobias are kind of interesting, though I would probably never use mine as a pick-up line.


  1. I'm afraid of phobias. And roller-coasters.

  2. Phobias are horrible--cause you never can get over them....