Monday, December 7, 2009

Rain. Yes, in California.

I am sitting at my table, watching a rerun of Law and Order: CI, my hair wet, my jeans sticking to my legs, and my pajamas tumbling in the dryer just waiting for me to put them on, all nice and warm and inviting.  But I am happy.

It is raining, my friends.  And not just oh-California-rain-equals-sprinkling-for-five-seconds rain, but real STORM WATCH rain.  I can hear the drops falling on the pavement over Vincent D'Onofrio's soft spoken voice.  Actually, it's drowning him out.  And that's okay because rarely do I ever hear a constant sound like this.

It's beautiful, like a symphony made from nature.  And it's inspiring.  I watch the trees in my backyard billow in the wind, and my dogs will not go outside for longer than five seconds (though Alpha won't go out at all) because they don't seem to like water all that much.

Southern California may not get a lot of rain, but when it does, people notice.  We don't say, "It's raining.  Again."  We say, "It's raining for the first time this year!"  And we go out in our knee-length boots and jump in the puddles, refusing to put our hoods on or to even bring an umbrella to school with us.  Or at least I do.

I love the rain.

Winter is here.  Finally.

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