Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween, NaNo, and Movember

NaNo WriMo starts tomorrow.

I wasn't going to participate.  I write when I write and that's pretty much how I've been doing things since, well, I've been writing.  I produce at least four thousand words a week, something I'm content with given the hectic load I have to deal with in terms of academics.

Speaking of which, I'm so swept up in school to the point where that was my primary reason to not do this.  (I'm not going to lie, school is a big reason why my writing has definitely fallen to the wayside.)

But I've come to realize something: writing keeps me sane.  It gives me something to hold onto at a pretty chaotic time in my life.  I need to write.

So I'm going to.  No, I don't think I'll get 50,000 words and no, I'm not going to hold myself to it.  If anyone can put a ridiculous amount of pressure on me, it's me, and I do that enough with school.  So whatever I accomplish will be more than if I chose not to participate, which, for me, is enough.

*A quick note!  I have two projects I'm currently working on: one is in the editing process while the second one is ten chapters in what I'm hoping is a thirty chapter YA novel.  However, I'm setting the latter aside in order to start an entirely new project that's been pestering me for a while.  That's my main focus for NaNo.  BUT if inspiration strikes for my second project, I have no qualms writing that as well.

**Starting tomorrow is Movember.  It's where men, today, shave their moustaches/facial hair and then let it grow out for the entire month in order to bring awareness to men's health, especially prostate cancer.  Yes, it's a hockey thing but it should definitely be talked about more.  If you want to learn more about it, feel free to go here.

Happy Halloween (surprise, surprise I'm a pirate), Happy NaNo (good luck and have fun!), and Happy Movember!

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