Saturday, October 1, 2011

A mixture of contradictions

I am obviously a girl, a young woman, a lady, or whatever politically correct term you might call a twenty-one year old female.

When I was a kid, I was a tomboy.  I hung out with boys in elementary school and played six years of soccer.

Then, my body went through puberty   You know how that goes.  Still, I was a tomboy.

And then I moved.  I made friends that were girls and got clothes that fit my body - including bras.  By thirteen, I was shaving my legs and by eighth grade, I wanted to buy thongs in order to erase the dreaded panty line.  Of course, Mom said no.  Apparently, I was too young.

Then high school.  I'd always liked boys.  My first-ever crush was on Shaggy from Scooby Doo and my first crush on a real person was (is, let's be honest) Jim Carrey.  High school introduced me to lots of boys and gave me a good reason for wearing tight jeans.

I got my ears pierced my sophomore year of high school a couple of months before my homecoming dance at Claire's.  I was happy it didn't hurt, that I didn't see a needle (for whatever reason, I do not like needles.  At all.), and that the process was maybe five minutes if that.

Of course, I was still somewhat of a tomboy, and as such, really didn't wear earrings after my six weeks and homecoming dance was finished.  My ears closed up.  It didn't particularly bother me because I don't really wear earrings anyway.

Then college hit.  I dated Goatboy.  We broke up.  I started at a university.  During this time, I started getting more feminine.  I started buying dresses (currently, I'm obsessed with dresses) and even wear them occasionally, along with pencil-skirts, heels, and cute flats.  I actually do my hair when I go out rather than run a brush through it and leave it down.  I shop at Forever 21.

But.  As you all well know, I am obsessed with hockey.  I watch every game.  If the Ducks are playing but the game isn't televised, I'll listen to it on the radio.  I watch pre and post-interviews and I try to go to as much of the charity events as I can.

Which brings me to the point of this little blog: there happens to be a charity event the Ducks host every year that allows me to dress up (cocktail attire which means super-cute dress) yet immerse myself with hockey.

Which is why, yesterday, I got my ears pierced again.  Not going to lie, I was a little bit nervous, but besides a quick pinch, there was still no needle, no pain, and in five minutes, I was out.  I'm preparing for the event.  I want to look elegant and classy and beautiful.  I know that when people see me, they won't take me seriously.  They might think I'm there with my family (I'm not) or that I'm there to flirt with hot hockey players (I plead the Fifth on that one), but really, I want to have conversations with people who care about the sport as much as I do.  I love my friends, but they know nothing about hockey.  One-sided conversations about something you love gets tiring after a while when all you want to talk about is how great Dan Ellis is.  But more than that, I want to support the Anaheim Ducks Foundation and be a girl while still doing something in relation to hockey.  Of course, as usual, I will be underestimated.  But I'll prove them wrong.  I always do.

I'm really looking forward to looking and feeling quite feminine while talking seriously and knowledgeably about something so masculine.

(Speaking of hockey, the Ducks are on a plane right now to Finland in order to open their season.  I wish them the best of luck, and a safe and super-fun journey!) 

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