Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunshine Sunday

1)  Hockey.  I know, I know, this one's obvious but after yesterday's game (triple overtime, an amazing winning goal from Bobby Ryan), I'm even more excited for games than ever.  Friday is the Ducks home opener and then Sunday is Corey Perry Night in honor of him winning the Hart Trophy!

2)  Music.  Evanescence has their first album out in five years.  I love Amy Lee's haunting voice.  It'll be interesting to see where where the primarily new (besides Amy) band takes their music and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

3)  I get my dress back.  Remember the dress I'm wearing to the charity event I was tellig you about?  I had to take it in to a tailor's in order to get cups so I wouldn't fall out (if you know what I mean).  Once I get the dress back, all I need for the event is makeup, jewelry, and shoes!

What about you?  Anything you're excited for?

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