Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Girling out

I am such a girl.

And I love it.

I grew up as a tomboy.  I played soccer and my friends were pretty much guys and I never wore dresses or skirts unless I was attending something formal.

I like to think of myself now as a feminine tomboy.  I still love jeans, but I realize my legs look nice in dresses and skirts and I'm addicted to boots and eyeliner makes my eyes pop.  (Although, I do digress, unless I'm going out with my friends, I totally forgo makeup.  I'm just too darn lazy.)

Remember how I told you about that hockey charity event I'm going to?  Well, it's coming up.  Like, soon.  And I have to be a girl.  It's a cocktail party, after all.  As such, I ordered my shoes from (which you can see here) early because I need to break in the shoes and, you know, make sure I can walk in them.


I also bought makeup, and, okay, I totally girled out.  I was at Target and was bombarded with cheap but high-end makeup.  I bought everything I needed for the night (including three brushes for eyeshadow) for $22.  (My shoes were just less that $20.)  The makeup is e.l.f. by the way.  The website is here if you're interested.

Finally, I found the hairstyle I'm going to attempt.

Note that I said attempt.

Last thing I need to get are earrings.

As things start coming together, I'm getting more and more excited.  When do I ever get a chance to dress up like some kind of cynical, closet-romantic Cinderella off to a ball filled with hockey players?  Um, never.

So I'm going all out, and that means girling out too.

I'll let you know how my progress goes.  I am planning on practicing the hairstyle and the makeup before the actual day of the event.  You know me; I am a perfectionist after all.  But I'm even excited about the practicing.

Because I love being a girl and doing girly things.  While still talking about hockey, of course.

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