Friday, October 21, 2011

Taking a break

I should apologize for the lack of updates these past couple of weeks.  They've been incredibly hectic, thanks to midterms next week and me getting over being sick.  I've barely read for fun, barely written anything.  It's pretty much school, school, school.

And that's great... until it isn't.

Looking on the bright side, as I try to do, I needed this break from my creative side.  I needed to focus on school until I simply couldn't anymore.

Because I didn't force myself to write, when I started writing again, the words flowed from my mind to my pen to the sheet of paper. I got new ideas that I didn't know I needed until I received them.  They fit with my story perfectly.

It's scary to take a break.  I understand completely.  You feel like you're lazy or you're giving up or that writing has fallen to the wayside and you're not sure you'll ever get it back to being a priority.  But everyone needs a break from everything sometimes.  And with that break comes inspiration and a renewed enthusiasm for writing.

So take a break.  Calm down.  Watch TV.  Listen to music.  Take a walk.  Study.  (And study, and study.)  Go to a hockey game.  (Might I suggest the Ducks game tonight against the Dallas Stars at 7PM?  Anyone?  Anyone?)  Then, when the time comes, and it will and you'll know, write.  Because once you start up again, you might not stop.

And that's the best feeling in the world for any writer.

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  1. I couldn't agree more.

    College is pretty different from high school, at least it was for me. You spend less time in class, but you spend more time actually working outside of class, and then there's all the new activities that come with being an adult on your own... It's a challenge to welcome all these new things into your life while keeping some time for what you used to do and love.

    I know I hardly wrote at all during my first year at university. Now I don't have exams or assignments as such anymore, so my schedule is entirely up to me, but it's still hard to do all those things at once. Usually I alternate between periods only dedicated to school work, and periods when I can write fiction for myself.

    Anyway, good luck with midterms! :)