Monday, September 15, 2014


Can I take the time to write as a stepmom/wife rather than a writer, for a moment?

My husband - like most men - deals with a lot if stress. He tends to keep things to himself because he doesn't want to stress me out, but I know.

All wives/girlfriends/partners know.

Sometimes, I find out things he should know as a parent that people don't tell him. Usually, they're things that will only add to the stress he already deals with. I tell him regardless because I respect him as a father and my husband, and I want to offer him the opportunity to make a decision about whatever it is he needed to know about.

But I can see it in his tense shoulders and hear it in his tired voice that I've added to his stress, and even though it was the right thing to do, I think sometimes my timing is off.

I just need to find the right timing and maybe I won't feel as guilty. I can still tell him the things he needs to know but maybe I can wait until after he gets home from a hard day of work, a hard day of helping his family move, and after getting some food in his super-hungry (and super-sexy) body.

It's all about timing. It's something I really need to work on. But I do try. I'm getting better.

Thank God my husband is patient, and doesn't mind putting up with me and my misguided if well-thought out intentions. Lord knows, he has a few things he needs to work on too. 

We balance each other out, and that seems to work for us.

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