Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brats v. Bamfs

Sometimes, I can be a brat. I have no idea why my husband puts up with me.

I'm petty and immature and selfish and downright childish. I wish I could say I have no idea why I behave this way, but that wouldn't be true. It's the same reason why children act like babies and throw tantrums: I want attention.

The problem is, I'm 24 years old with 2 step-children and my daughter on the way. I need to set an example. I need to be a role model, both for the boys and my girl.

I can't be a brat and expect them to not be. If I want to teach or change something, I need to look inside and start with me first. Even if people are disrespecting me for reasons I can't help or change, I need to hold my head high.

Would Angelina Jolie or Beyonce really act like brats because they have haters? Because life isn't fair? Hell, no!

They'd turn it into an opportunity. They'd take it as a compliment and never think about it again. They'd be bamfs, not brats.

This is something I'm constantly reminding myself. This is something I'm constantly working on. But my husband looked me in the eyes today and told me: "You are too beautiful to let ugly bitches bother you."

Peasants, my lovelies. Queens don't let peasants get to them, and if, for whatever reason, they do, don't let them know they get to you. They're peasants.

Thank God for my husband. For his patience. For being hard on me. And most of all, for teaching me. And I'm grateful I'm receptive enough to learn. That's what a partnership is, really.

There's no way I'm perfect. I might even have my occasional bratty day. But I know my husband will be there to set me straight and there's no way I'm gong to let ugly bitches mar this beautiful face.

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