Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summaries, or What is this book about?

After conferring with Renee, Four Sides of a Triangle has it's official summary:

Twenty-three year old Madeline Perkins loves helping her friends find their one true love. As a personal assistant to Robert Swift, a billionaire CEO and self-proclaimed bachelor-for-life, she doesn't get much time to go on dates herself. Instead, she lives vicariously through her only successfully matched couple. When Robert hires Jewel Baker to help Madeline with the company's increasingly busy schedule, Madeline sets her sights on the girl as her new project and has the perfect man in mind! Her plans start to crumble when the guy turns out to be a jerk and Jewel starts falling for the last man Madeline believes is capable of ever falling in love - Robert Swift himself. Madeline is forced to reevaluate not only the entire matchmaking process, but her feelings for her playboy boss. If she isn't honest with him or herself, she may be too late to find her own true love. A modern re-telling of Jane Austen's Emma set in the corporate world.

I showed it to my boyfriend, and he said he liked this summary (after reading the original one before this one).  It's clear, concise, with a bit of flirty questions sprinkled in.  I hope it inspires anticipation for the novel, because it's coming out soon!

Like, really soon.

Look out for a book cover release, a first chapter release, the release date, and finally, the book itself1

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