Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I learned my first week at an actual university

So my first week at my school is finished and I've learned some things that might be useful to you - you know, if you're not already at a university or planning to go to one.

1)  There's a lot of reading.  And I mean a lot.  At least one hundred and fifty pages of reading a week, and that's for one class.  I'm taking 3.  And yes, I actually do the reading, which means my eyeballs feel like they're falling out.  They're not, of course, but they certainly feel like it, to the point where after I finish my reading (yes, I'm still a week ahead) I don't want to read for pleasure.  I am, but not as much as I wish to.  And with my eyes feeling like they're falling out, it's not totally pleasurable.

2)  Professors will keep you until the very last minute.  At my community college, we were released about five to ten minutes early depending on the professor.  They usually don't start a new section of lecture unless they're certain they can finish it, but don't want to stop in the middle, and they also are aware we as students who had classes afterwards had only ten minutes to get to their next class if they let us out exactly when they were supposed to.

Professors at universities don't seem to care, despite the huge campus - where, even if you're running, you still might not make it to your next class in ten minutes.  I'll start packing up five till, putting my three pens (three to code my notes and keep them organized) and then, instead of ending on the slide (because all professors use PowerPoints), they keep going.  Then I have to take out all three pens and copy the next slide down, and at exactly three twenty, they let us go.

3)  I never have to exercise again (actually, until I graduate).  Because the walking is just ridiculous - in a good way.  Plus, I park on the fourth, fifth, or sixth floor in the lot depending on openings and, instead of taking the elevator, I take the stairs.  And no, I'm not complaining.  I work out five days a week, twenty to thirty minutes each.  This just adds to it.  I just wish I didn't have to carry all the books and articles - which I have to read - around.  But hey - my thighs are going to be even more toned than they normally would be.  Ha!

4)  No one can drive well except me.  I don't think I need to explain that further.

What about you, university students?  What have you learned?

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