Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome Week

Okay, so the alliteration you see today is totally not my fault.  This is what my school is celebrating this week.  No joke.

I was devastated.  I had my third mandatory orientation (being a transfer student can be exhausting!) that conflicted with training camp for the Ducks.  Obviously, academia won out and I attended the first day of Welcome Week.  It wasn't all that bad, actually.  Turns out, all new students get a free sweatshirt and the chancellor was pretty nice.  (Of course, aren't they all nice when they're not talking to you individually?)

After that, we had a more intimate welcome from our individual schools.  Social Ecology has an amazing dean.  She's funny and sweet and seems to be down to earth too.  Then we were introduced to some professors and the services our school provides.  I was especially excited learning about the Study Abroad program, which I will do Summer '12 baby!  (Yes, I worked it around the hockey schedule...)

After that, the clubs' fair was going on.  My friend Jeshicka and I walked around like morons for a bit until we found the Anthropology Club (for her) and I talked to some of the Ice Hockey team (for me) about the upcoming schedule.  Then we left, because I was breaking in a new flats and the parking garage was pretty far from the fair so there was much walking.

Which was fine because it's exercise, you know?

To be honest, I'm excited.  Hockey starts soon.  School starts soon.  And while I'm a teensy bit worried about the academics, I already feel appreciated and like I belong at my school, which is nice and different and I'm looking forward to truly being a part of something academic.

Welcome Week, indeed.

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