Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunshine Sunday

1)  The real first week of school.  I know, I know, I'm a nerd.  But once you're done with your general education, you get classes that focus on your major and, at least, for me, I'm really psyched to learn more about mine.  Oh, and since I'm a nerd, I finished all the reading for this coming week over the weekend so I don't have to worry about that!

2)  Hockey.  When am I not excited about hockey?  The Ducks play their cross-town rivals the Kings tonight, Wednesday they head back to Vancouver, and Friday they play the Kings again.  I know it's just preseason, but I'm still excited!

3)  Birthdays.  My dad's birthday is on Tuesday!  He'll be 51 this year.  He looks, maybe, like he's in his forties though.  Good for him.

4)  Music.  blink-182's new album comes out on Tuesday as well.  I love them.  I can't stop listening to "All of This" (especially the bridge - it gets me every time!) and whenever "First Date" and "All the Small Things" come on, I get ridiculously, goofy-happy.  I dance in my car.  Definitely looking forward to this album.

5)  Braces.  My brother gets his braces off on Thursday.  He's ecstatic.  He's had them on in what feels like forever and I'm just so excited for him.

Anything you're excited for this week?

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