Friday, September 23, 2011

Fictionpress Friday

Tip #2:  Have a title that captures the reader's attention.

Titles and summaries (we'll talk about those later!) are like your pre-hooks to your first real hook (not only the first line, but the first chapter).  You need a good title to get someone to read your summary; you need a good summary to get someone to read your first chapter, and if you have a good chapter?  Well, you'll have them hooked.

So, titles: make them catchy and relevant to your story.

My titles are usually titles or phrases from songs that relate to my story.

For example:  Saving Smiles is a phrase from Vanessa Carlton's "Pretty Baby" song:  "Pretty baby don't you leave me; I've been saving smiles for you."  It's a perfect song for a girl who has a crush on a guy or if just starting a romance like Christian and Andie.

Brighter Than Anyone is from Paramore's song "Brighter": So this is how it goes... Well, I would have never known.  And if you have to go I'll still say that you shine brighter than anyone."  It's perfect about a relationship that is probably ending, and though there's regret and sadness, there's still affection and respect, just like what happened between Christian and Andie.

Keep it short and simple, quirky but cute, and your Hook #1 should be good to go.

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