Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being A Nerd vs. Being Prepared

I'm super-organized.  I'm also super-ambitious.  I strive for doing my absolute best in everything, especially academics.  Good grades are essential to me, which means I do all the necessary - sometimes more - work to ensure I reach my goals.

School doesn't start until Thursday.  I received a syllabus late last week for one class which says next Tuesday (Class #2) has some reading due.  Reading I'm almost done with today.

When I told Jeshicka this, she laughed and called me a nerd. 

I actually don't mind being called a nerd because I kind of am.  I just see it as being prepared.  And if being a nerd means getting good grades, then I will wear that metaphorical pocket protector badge with pride.

(Since I've admitted to my nerdiness, can I just say how excited I am for the Ducks first preseason game tonight?  It's not broadcasted on TV, but I do plan on listening to the audio streamed on the site, plus reading Ducks' blogger Adam Brady's comments about it.  I know, I know: NERD!)

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  1. Gosh! I must have had a resolution to be as nerdy as you every new school year or session since I'm 6! I'm a hopeless last-minute girl, though. :D