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Aspring Writers Series #3: Emalee Nelson

Welcome to the next installment of the Aspiring Writers Series!  This time, we interview the lovely Emalee Nelson.  Remember, if you're a writer and want a unique way to promote your work, please email me at heather.myers@ymail.com with the subject line INTERVIEW and I'd be happy to interview you.  Now let's get started, shall we?  Come back tomorrow for this week's final installment of the series (but more next week!).

What type of books do you like to read? What type if books do you like to write?
I like to read romance, suspense, horrors, thrillers, mystery, fantasy, supernatural. I'm not too picky, as long as its not a very slow paced book you're putting in front of my nose :) 
I enjoy writing fantasy/romance, with some suspense and mystery to keep the story going and alive. I like active story lines like that. I'm also plotting out a conspiracy theory story, that's kind of science fiction. I should have the first chapter on fiction press in a few weeks. :)
What are your top 3 books? What are your top 3 authors?
Well, I really enjoy the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater, and then Beach House by R.L. Stine. The last one, I read in 9th grade for a young adult literature class as an extra credit grade - I had to do a short book report, and couldn't find anything interesting at all in the school's library, and the cover actually caught my eye. Definitely an interesting but good read. 
Top 3 Authors... Hmmm.... That's actually kind of tough. Sarah Dessen, Stephanie Meyers, P.C&Kristin Cast. 
What inspires you to write?
Life. Have you ever laid there, looking at the stars, and realized that everything is always changing no matter what you do? You have a choice to make it better or worse, or to sit and do nothing. Just like you have a choice to let your creativity go right down the drain if you're not careful. Blink too quickly and you'll have missed your opportunity to shine. Everything is so full of life, ever changing, right before your eyes, aging in seconds, slipping away from you. Look at things from a whole new perspective and what do you get? A burst of new ideas ready to be written! 
My 11 month old has the same effect on me. I see her smile, and I want the best for her. Maybe if I keep doing what I think I'm good at, she'll have the very best. 

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Why?
I'm a little bit of both, honestly. I have a general outline of every story in my mind and written out, but I don't have any major events planned out. I let them happen and surprise me, and go from there. I know where the story begins, and where I would like it to end. I like having the option of changing something down the road and not having to change everything else because of it. Like, if I were to think of a better idea, I would have to go through and readjust my outline and EVERYTHING to suit it. Though, with my newest one that hasn't even seen the outside world yet, I'm going to plot that one a little more than I have everything else. I'm not much for organization really, but because of the contents of this story, I really want this to be perfect. I'm typically more of a go with the flow kind of chick, I suppose you could say. 

What time of day do you write?
Any time is a good time! It all depends on the mood, really. If I could, I'd write all day. :)

What tool do you normally write with? (A pen, computer, phone, etc.)
I normally write in a notebook first, and then I type it all out. It makes me feel more like the perfectionist I truly am on the inside, and allows me to edit while I'm at it. Lately I've been using my iPhone though, since my laptop has decided to quit on me. 
Have you ever dealt with writer's block? If so, how did you combat it?
Oh yes, many, many times. Sometimes music will help me, other times I'll become distracted by social networks or I'll go outside or run errands. Usually when I come back to my notebook/computer/phone, I've got more ideas. Hey, if you're always on the go, try out Evernote for notes :)

Please tell us a little bit about your work.
www.fictionpress.com/~BrandiRose is my site where I've got 3 stories published. One is finished, and it's called Second Glance. I wrote it when I was 15, and it's about an immortal that falls in love with a mortal (Jane Harper) who's father dies in a car accident that should have claimed both of their lives. I was a little obsessed with Twilight at the time, I admit it, but at least I didn't make him into a vampire! 
Second story is Light Up The Sky, and it's in progress. Andromeda Hodge goes her entire life thinking that she's schizophrenic, being labeled as an outcast and psycho through high school. She's at the end of her junior year when everything she thinks she knows crumbles and falls to pieces. Her mother is sending her away again - but at least this time she's not going to a psych ward to try to off herself again right? Wrong. She's off to prep school more or less, to meet an enchanting teen and his twin sister, and her father. Wait... WHAT?! - you heard me right, boys and girls. There's many secrets that this girl is just beginning to unveil, and these ones are only just the start. This book will end with silver feathers fluttering from the sky - and they belong to the one and only Andromeda. I smell a trilogy in the making here, do you? 
Last but certainly not least, Lauren Blakely. Ohhh, witches and wizards, seers and hunters. Missing parents, missing friends, and a mysterious Danny Jayce who is probably either leading dear Lauren to her doom or to her mother. Only time will tell, as their bond (yes, I said it, a literal BOND) is becoming stronger and he grows closer to this raven haired witch. 
I suppose you'll be the judge of which story I'm the most into. *ahem, Light Up The Sky!*
Where did you get your idea for this story?
1st, Twilight, as I was 15 and obsessed. 
2nd, I've always wished that I had a guardian angel, and in this story, once it's finished of course, you'll figure out why I have chosen to say only that. 
3rd, witchcraft. My cousin is into the whole Wiccan thing, and I was DYING for a suspenseful possibly forbidden love. 
What challenges have you faced with writing this story?
1st, not that many that I can recall. I was too cliche with it, and it's probably kind of lame now that I think about it. 
2nd, getting all of the angles and emotions perfect, and fitting in the right amount of characters and making them work just right. Also, doing my research on location after location, and archangels. (Spoiler!) and then spending forever just googling pictures of people that I thought would be lovely candidates to portray my characters, haha. 
3rd, looking up witchcraft, types of myths about Wicca and all things related to the aforementioned. Descriptions, without being too thorough and boring, and intense scenes with new crazy characters without going overboard on detail. Oh, and Danny Jayce is an emotional PMSing train wreck, like he has a multiple personality disorder. 
Who is your favorite character to write?
Andromeda Hodge. Or Alice. She's one of the hallucinations that Andy sees, till she realizes she's really a ghost and yeah. *nods*
What type of romantic relationship do you like to read? (Hate/love, best friend, forbidden, etc.) is it the same type you like to write? Why or why not?
Romance is romance, the steamier the better sometimes, though I've yet to read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy that I hear can be fairly steamy. I find it awkward to be the one writing the steamy scenes though. I like writing the "oh I'd love to hate you," kind of thing, and love/hate, love at first sight/fate and all that too. Although I enjoy reading best friend love relationships, I can't bring myself to commit to writing anything about someone falling for their best friend and it actually working out for them... It just brings back too many high school memories for me with my best guy friend, who's in the military now. I refuse to date him, because of the distance and I don't want to have a family torn by distance and war, ya know? Anyway, I'm off topic. I like writing about someone new and enthralling to that person, no matter how annoying they are to that person or even if they're destined to be star-crossed lovers. I'm a secret romantic, guys. 
What draws you to a book (to read)?
The way the author writes the little synopsis (summary) on the back cover or inside really helps me, which is obvious. It has to really flow, and come easily - I have to be able to bring myself into the world the author has created for the characters. I think I just missed the point entirely maybe. 
Lets try this again if I did. Reading to me has always given me a sense of escaping from my own world, into the world that the author has created for their characters. Whenever I was going through a rough time, like when I had postpartum depression after having my little girl, I'd pick up a book (at the time it was The Uglies), and get lost in it whenever I could, just because nobody else was around to care and it helped me cope. Just like writing is my anger outlet, reading has been my depression get-away. 
What characteristics do you look for in your ideal heroine? Your ideal hero? 
My ideal heroine is beautiful, but not overly done. She doesn't think of herself as better than anyone, nor does she even look at herself as heroic in any way. She's strong, emotionally and physically to an extent. She knows her limits, and she knows she's only human, and that she'll break sooner or later. Would do anything for anyone in trouble, no matter the cost. 
My ideal hero is pretty much the same, maybe a little bit more like Clark, (is it?) from Smallville. Totally destructible, knows it, knows he has limits, but would do anything for somebody that's in trouble, no matter what. 
Are they the same characteristics you employ when you write your heroine and your hero? Why or why not?
Yes, they are. Everybody needs a reliable hero/heroine, somebody that needs a little extra love. 
What are you currently reading?
A few random stories on Fiction Press. As soon as I get extra cash though, I'll be reading the newest Tiger's Curse novel by Julie Kagawa. 
Finally, what are the ingredients to your favorite book? (A dose of action, a splash of romance, etc.)
Hmmm. A little action here, some mystery there... A few splashes of steamy-ish romance here.. A pinch of drama... A little suspense, the occasional cliff hanger... Wrap up and serve in a hard cover :) that about sums up what I enjoy reading. I know, odd combinations huh?

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