Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stranger's Release Date

If you guys haven't noticed the link on the right side of the blog, let me just remind you that STRANGER releases today!

Because I decided to go with self-publishing, I chose this date for a very specific reason.  If you're a follower of my blog, you know the number 22 is very influential in my life.  September 22, my uncle passed away.  I still remember being in first grade, listening to my mom get the call and being told the news.  I remember the pastor smiling at me from the pulpit (I was in the first pew).  I remember trying to cry because I knew I should be, but I just couldn't get the tears out.  I remember my grandfather, stoic and strong.  And I even remember my uncle Mike, someone I barely knew, chasing me through my grandparents' house before his untimely passing.

I dedicated this book to my two cousins, Dylann and Fieffer, but I released it on a day that would honor my uncle. 

I am 22.  Today is September 22.  Tough things happen on the 22nd, but I'm a firm believer in making your own luck to go with the innate luck you already have.  I'm in control.  I get to decide how to react to things.  Today, September 22 isn't going to be a sad day.  Instead, it's going to be the day I publish my first novel.

I hope you all enjoy it.  :)

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