Monday, May 28, 2012

Je parle un peu francais

So I'm in the process of teaching myself French due to my trip to England (and subsequent side trip to Paris).  Not to generalize an entire country's population, but every person I talk to that's been to France says they're not too fond of Americans.  Am I going to hold that against them?  No.  But if I'm visiting their country, I want to be as respectful as possible and try to learn the basics so they know I've put an effort into this.

Here's my plan of attack: Every day, I'm reading one chapter of French for Dummies on my iPad and reading the French conversations in the book out loud.  I'm going to watch one movie a day I'm familiar with (or, if time is too restrictive, four movies a week) in French with no subtitles, I'm going to download some French music and I'm going to read fan fiction in French.

Now, I've taken two French classes before.  One was in eighth grade and one was my freshman year in college.  I have a pretty good grasp of the language and can read it relatively well.  It's the speaking part that gets to me.

I'll let you know my progress.

This should be interesting.

So far, I've watched: She's the Man and 10 Things I Hate About You.  Today, I'm hoping to watch Legally Blonde (since I know the entire movie by heart).

I've listened to:  Vanessa Paradis.  You might know her as Johnny Depp's long-time love (and no, they're not over).  I love her, but I'm going to need more.

I have yet to read fan fic.

We'll see how this turns out.

What do you guys think?  Have you attempted to teach yourself another language?  What did you do and did it work?


In honor of Memorial Day, me and my family went up to the LA Veteran's Cemetery yesterday in order to avoid the hoopla currently taking place (and I don't mean any disrespect by my choice in diction).  We like to avoid crowds and traffic and have time together with my grandparents and great-grandfather without worrying about being in the background of the news or being interviewed by a personality.

Please take time out to remember the fallen, to remember those who came back, and to remember those who are still out there, fighting for us.  Thank you.

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