Monday, May 14, 2012

Beginnings, Endings, and Middles

Hello everyone!

Sorry for another absence.  School has been putting me through the ringer to the point where I can barely even read for fun anymore, but I'm going to try to update at least once a week.  I'm in the middle of spring quarter, with four papers due around the same time, so I'm slightly overwhelmed.  Please bear with me.  There are many things I want to tell you that I can't just yet, but I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT in August June 7, so be prepared for that.

I finished my second manuscript, entitled AWAKEN.  I can't get too much into detail about what it's about, but I will hint that it's about angels and demons and involves fan-favorites from my work on Fictionpress.

I have a tumblr here.  Feel free to follow me (if you mention you're a writer or found me on Blogger/Fictionpress, I'd love to follow back and get to know you better!) and ask me anything.  Also, be prepared for reblogs of superheroes, actors, musicians, television shows, and my many, many ships.

Follow me on twitter.  I'm @heathermyers22.  I'm going to try and use it more often than I do, but I'm a big hockey fan, so be aware that I will be discussing hockey.

For now, that's it, but I'll speak to you soon.  Have a great Monday!

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