Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Revisions and rewriting and reviewing

Today, my holiday officially ended.

Today, I began revisions for Stranger in the Mirror.  It was the longest, most exhausting novel I've ever written, but definitely the most satisfying.  And, as I read what I've written - making necessary grammar/spelling/plot/character changes, I still believe that.  I am so proud of this novel.  It's going to take lots of work to polish it, but even though it's exhausting, it was and still is so totally worth it.

Today, I began writing my new WIP.  Well, I should say, rewriting it.  I had written a mystery-hockey story earlier this year.  I queried, and while some commented on its uniqueness and I got one partial request, no one bit.  I put it aside, wrote other things.

But I had to write this story.  Had to.  The idea wouldn't let me go.

So I changed it.  A bit.  Instead of a chick-lit mystery, it will be a YA contemporary mystery.  Instead of 3 POV characters, there will be 4.  Instead of typing it up, I'll be writing it out first.  I have 8 hockey books - everything from a coffee table book with big pictures to more focused books about superstition and rivalries and more.  One book is written by Bruce Boudreau, a coach (yes, the Ducks coach).  I'm planning to buy a couple of books written by referees and other coaches and players.  Plus, I watch every single Ducks game I can, and, when there's nothing on TV and no Law and Order: SVU marathons on, I'll flip over to NHL Network and watch a repeat of a previous game just because I love this sport, whether the Ducks are playing or not. 

I want this book to be authentic and to show just how amazing this game is while maintaining well-rounded characters and interesting relationships.  So I'm writing it out by hand, like with Stranger in the Mirror, and then typing it up.

I was excited about my initial story, excited to write about hockey through three girls' POV.  Now, I'm ecstatic.  I'm brimming with excitement at rewriting to make the manuscript even better than it is.

Rewriting is daunting.  Besides key scenes here and there, I don't really rewrite because I plan so much before actually writing the story.  I know what I'm writing, everything's   there for a reason, there's no need to excessively rewrite.

But then, rewriting is fabulous.  It's taking your amazing idea - the one that had you so excited you actually finished writing a book about it - and making it better.  Fleshing out characters.  Adding needed subplots. 

I'm 2 chapters in and looking forward to writing the best damn YA hockey book there is.

Finally, today I plotted.  Reviewed an idea that's been teetering around in my mind for the past few weeks.  Not on paper, but in my mind.  You know me, I can't focus on one thing at one time.  I have this amazing idea about a new take on angels and demons and our concept of heaven and hell.  No, it's not religious.  It's more about... perfection vs. imperfection.  Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I've been doing a lot today and I can't help but... smile.  :)  It's like I said, I'm excited.  Ecstatic.  This is how I know I was born to be a writer.

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