Saturday, December 31, 2011


I love Numerology.  I love numbers.  But not math.  Or physics. 

2011 was my 9 Personal Year, which means things coming to an end.  And, in truth, that happened.  I lost friends.  I broke up with my boyfriend.  I finished community college.  And, to top it all off, I finished the most exhausting novel I've ever written.  But it's the one I'm definitely most proud of.  (It's 27 chapters and I finished it on the 27th.  Sign?)

I'm looking forward to next year.  It's my 1 Personal Year, which means the cycle starts over.  Things begin.

I have 2 New Years' resolutions that I intend to keep just to myself.  They're my secrets, my internal goals.  I also have 3 goals I don't mind sharing with you.

1.  Write.  But not just write.  Finish the two novels I have mapped out.  Start the (or finish, depending on how long the first two novels take) Stranger in the Mirror sequel.

2.  Believe In life.  In love.  But most importantly, in myself.  Take chances.  Remember that life is a gift and that I am an incredibly lucky human being just to be alive.

3.  Watch.  Ducks games, obviously.  As much as I can.  And when I can't, listen to them online, in the car, however I can.  We have yet to start a streak, but I can feel it coming.  Believe in them.  Support them.  And, more than anything, never, ever give up on them.

So, in total, 5 Resolutions.  5 also happens to be my life path number, by the way.

See?  It's all in the numbers. 

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  1. I wish you a happy New Year and success with your resolutions! :D