Thursday, November 24, 2011


This isn't a post on Thanksgiving or what I should be thankful for (lots of things, I know!) or anything like that.  I feel like Facebook has that covered.

Today, I want to talk about D.B. Cooper.  40 years ago today, the man we barely know anything about completely changed the way we view traveling in the sky.  First and foremost, he was an air pirate.  Nuff said, as far as I'm concerned.  Secondly, D. B. Cooper wasn't even his real name.  Third, he got away with $200,000 and was never heard from again.  Finally?  His case is the only hijacking case in American history to be unsolved.

You all know my love for gangsters, and while this one lived in 1971, it's still hard not to admire the guy.

Up in Washington, people are gathering this weekend in order to honor the legend that is D. B. Cooper.  I entered a poetry contest with him being the prompt.  If you're interested in reading it, you can find it here.  If you want more information on D. B. Cooper, I'd suggest buying the book SKYJACK: The Hunt For D. B. Cooper by Geoffrey Gray.  It's amazing, let me tell you.

Okay, I lied: Happy Thanksgiving!  Keep tradition - whatever that tradition may be - alive.  And, as long as I'm alive, so will D. B. Cooper.  And Dillinger.  And Karpis.  And many, many more.

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