Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Anaheim Ducks,

Today is my birthday, and, in celebration, me and my brother are going to the game tonight.

I won't be holding up a sign that tells everyone that I was born twenty-two years ago.  My picture won't be on the scoreboard.  I'm not going to ask you for kisses or propose marriage to you.  The only thing I want from you tonight is a win.  Because I know you can win.

There's no need to fire people, to trade anyone, to snatch captaincy away.  You have all the parts you need.

I still and will continue to believe in you, no matter what happens.  Because that's what fans do. 

I may not be able to go to every game, but I watch every game.  I may not be able to purchase all of your merchandise or go to watch parties or attend all of the amazing activities you hold every year.  I still don't understand certain things, especially player stats and why people get kicked out of a faceoff.  But I believe in you.

I'm looking forward to watching you play tonight.  Hockey is something that makes me so incredibly happy, so thank you for providing me with that, especially with a home game on my birthday.

Good luck tonight and all the best!


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