Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ideas, or my personal Imagionationland

When I was running my writer's workshop last summer, I got a lot of questions asking where I get my ideas from.  A reasonable question, especially to a writer.

And the honest, 100% completely true answer?  I get them from everywhere.

For me, character usually comes first.  Plot tends to be either one of two things: a) what I wish would happen - a pirate suddenly falling into my bedroom, for example or b) a combination of books and/or movies and/or tv shows but done in the way I want to see it.

No.  I'm not lying.  I take similar concepts, combine them, and write them.  I wouldn't say I'm copying storylines, but I'll definitely admit to borrowing them.  With my own little twist.

Take, for example, one of my popular stories, Battlefield.  

I cannot count how many times a reviewer asked if I based the concept on The Hunger Games.  (This was way before they were huge and turned into movies.)  I can honestly say that no, I wasn't inspired by The Hunger Games at all.  Had never even heard of them.  In fact, the only reason I started reading them in the first place was because my reviewers recommended them to me.

What did I base it on, you might ask?  I took the concept of Gamer and the television series Dark Angel and merged them together.  And I'm proud of the result.

So if you're a writer and you're looking for ideas, don't force it.  Go read a good book or some fan fiction.  Watch TV.  Go to a movie.  Listen to music.  Daydream.  That's how I get my ideas.  And it may be where you get yours.

As always, good luck!

By the way, Battlefield has an official release date.  April 30.  Below is the official summary.

Devyn was not born; she was created, and for a very important purpose: she was born to die. 


If she made it out of the Battlefield alive with her Unit composed of eight people just like her, she's promised the freedom she had only previously dreamed of.  But in order to do so, she must kill members of other rival Units fighting for the same thing. When you're raised to be a weapon, fighting - killing - is the only thing you know.  At least, that's what Gerard, her breeding partner, constantly tells her.  Just because they were, quite literally, made for each other didn't mean they had to like each other, but they definitely had to trust each other if they wanted to survive.

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