Thursday, April 16, 2015

Name Changes

Last Wednesday, I changed my last name.

Well, I legally changed it in January but Wednesday I went in to update my license.  I've officially been a Cardona for a good few months now.

Changing my name doesn't feel any different.  But it means a lot more.  I have the same last name as his two boys - their mom doesn't even share that - and I have the same last name as my daughter.  We are a family.  A unit.

To my husband, it means I've accepted who he is and, not only that, want to be united to that.  He's never been married before and to him, it's an honor for him to bestow upon me - that I'm allowed to be part of his family.

The rings mean a lot - but the name... I'm Heather Cardona.  Wife.  Mother.  Author.

And I'm proud to be his wife.  I throw around the Mrs. title around a lot - and I can't wait to change my name on my accounts and at work.

I refuse to change the last name on my college diploma, however.  Just because I'm Heather Cardona now doesn't mean I always was.  I worked hard as Heather Myers and she's going to get all the credit for it.

It's why I won't change my name with my books.

But in life, in reality, I'm Heather Cardona.  I'm still Heather Myers, I've just united myself with someone who makes me a better me.

...and I really like the sound of that.

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