Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surprise, surprise

So.... I released 7 short stories yesterday.  They are absolutely, one hundred percent M rated, featuring strong, explicit sexual content.  Some are more romantic than others.  They are currently available on Amazon now, each one $0.99.

These are stories I've been working on, on and off.  I'd love your feedback in the form of a review, or as a recommendation to a friend.  Again, these stories are graphic.  If that's not your thing, don't worry about it.  If it is, I sincerely hope you enjoy!

She went to slap him with her other hand but he grabbed that one with his free hand before she could connect it with his face. Immediately after that, he spun the two of them around so that Nicole’s back slammed against the wall. The young woman winced but did not cry out.

“I hate you,” she spat at him.

“Everybody hates me,” he growled.

“But nobody hates you more than I do,” she said, struggling against him to break free from him.

“That’s probably true,” he said, pushing his weight against her so that her back hit the wall again.

As her back hit the wall, he pushed forward, so that he was nearly pressing against her and captured her lips with his. The kiss was like a match striking fire.  
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With his hand cupping her cheek, Christopher dipped her head back to deepen the kiss. She opened her mouth willingly, wanting to feel him inside of her, search, exploring, for whatever he needed to find. Christopher’s tongue did just that, kissing her with so much frivolity, almost like he would never see her again after this night. And who’s to say he would? She was returning home in two days, and he would be staying in France.
The two had to pull away to catch their breath, but neither released the other, enjoying their close proximity they shared; Madison rested her head on Christopher’s firm chest, wrapping her arms around his waist and holding him tightly. She never wanted to let him go. As he held her close to him, he rested his cheek on the top of her head, and the two swayed slightly to a silent rhythm.
“I heard you stopped by,” Christopher said in his low tone of voice.

“I wanted to speak to you,” Madison replied. She didn’t want to discuss Victoria. She didn’t want to face the reality of the situation; she just wanted to hold onto Christopher forever. She didn’t want to wake up.
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“I don’t like any other man touching you,” he told her roughly. “You’re mine.”

“Technically, I am Governor Chaplin’s,” Emmy teased him. She knew how infuriated he reacted whenever she mentioned her husband, and it caused her pelvis to pulsate.

Bran’s eyes grew darker than they already were, and in a manner of seconds, her white shift was in pieces and tossed over the side of the bed. “You are mine,” he reiterated forcefully, staring at Emmy’s naked body. “Governor Chaplin may have you in a technical manner of speaking, but I have your mind, body and soul. You are mine.”
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Her pulse was racing due to the fact that he was so close to her.

“You’re afraid of me,” he stated, his blue eyes dancing in amusement.

“No, I’m not,” she replied quickly, crossing her arms over her chest.

He chuckled, almost like a melody to a song. “Yes, you are,” he told her. “I can hear your heart beating faster for me.” He paused, the amusement leaving his face for a moment. “Celeste,” he said, and her name coming from her lips sent a shiver down her spine. “I will never hurt you; I can promise you that.”
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“Oh yes, I love assholes,” she growled back. “They always know exactly what to do to make me come.”

“Is that right?” The thought of other men being inside her drove him absolutely crazy. He started walking towards her while she took steps back. Her shoulders were still in his tight grasp.

“Oh yes.” She was being stubborn and defensive now; they both were. “They know exactly where to touch me, and how. Why do you think I decided to take Dean upstairs in the first place? He knows what he’s doing!”

Lia’s back hit the wall behind her. She couldn’t step back any further. He stood towering above her. She looked up to match his stare.

“Does he?” he asked. “You like the way he looks at you?”


“You like the way he talks to you?”

“I love it!”

Elliot grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him so they were pressed together.

“You love the way he touches you?”

“Absolutely.” She didn’t tell him that the way he was holding her caused her to moisten between her legs. She didn’t push away from him either.

Elliot had no idea what he was doing. All he knew was that he was too caught up in her essence to think clearly. He slid his hand down behind her to cup her derriere and squeezed it. She gasped, her eyes losing some of its fire for surprise, but they never broke from his.
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Harper looked at the man she loved, dressed up in a tuxedo, preparing for a wedding that did not involve her. His dark hair was combed back, and she noticed that he shaved. His cheekbones were high, his nose, long and pointed, and his lips were utterly kissable. His firm body was hidden by a black and white tuxedo. He had not yet put on his tie; she saw it lying on the desk in front of the vanity mirror. God, he looked good. Too good. She shouldn’t have come. He was too much to take.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. His voice was low and sent a shiver going down his back.

She couldn’t look at him; she looked at his tie instead. “I… I don’t know,” she said. It was true; she didn’t know why she was here, but she knew she had to be here. She strolled over to where his tie was; it gave her something to do. “You’re not wearing your tie.”
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“My place?” she asked breathlessly, craning her neck to look at Beech.

“I have a room here,” he told her.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” she murmured and he grabbed her wrist, starting to lead her across the dance floor. “What does surprise me is the fact that you were jealous.”

“I was not jealous,” Beech said, tossing a glance at her.

“Oh really?” she asked him skeptically as she let him lead her through the doorway and into the connecting lobby. Holly glanced at the clerk and then back at Beech. “So you were totally okay with me practically having sex with the guy? That’s why you came over? To give him tips or something?”

Beech pressed the elevator button and then turned around so sharply and so quickly around that Holly almost ran into him. Again, she tried to look into his eyes but his shades were preventing her from looking into them. He was looking at her though, but before he responded, the elevator door pinged. His hand was still around her wrist, and he gently tugged her in and pressed the second floor button.

“Why don’t you just admit it, Beech?” she asked him with frustration.

Without warning, he dropped her hand and pulled the emergency button so the elevator stopped suddenly. He turned and took a step toward Holly, causing her to take a step back. They repeated their dance until Holly’s back hit was flat against the elevator wall. She could feel his piercing stare, even through his shades.

“Yeah, I was jealous,” he said lowly, dangerously. She shivered at the tone of his voice. “I wanted to kill the guy. I can’t even imagine another guy touching you, let alone f****** you.”
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