Monday, July 7, 2014

Launching a Book: Writers' Series 2

Full disclosure: Though I have 6 titles under my belt, Losing Myself in You will be my first official launch.

So what does it mean to launch a book?

I have no clue. No clue.

I've done research on what certain people do, what works for some, what doesn't work for others, and I've incorporated the things that I feel I can do and will actually benefit from into my launch. So here's what I've done and what I'm planning to do in order to execute this as successfully as I can. I plan to write a follow up to this a month from the launch to go over my results.

What I've Done
1. An advanced copy giveaway.  I already have a mailing list incorporated of interested readers who want news, updates, and giveaway information before the general public. I try not to spam them too much but I always make sure they're the first people who know about giveaways.

For advanced copy giveaways, I give them free PDF versions of the novel - without the copyright page, dedication page, etc. - in exchange for a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. My readers are pretty good at keeping their end of the bargain, so while the reviews don't come right away, they do eventually come and they're always honest.

2. Social media. I always try and keep up with social media. I'm trying to find a good balance of information without shoving my product down their throat. It's still a tedious process, especially since I'm so busy, but I definitely make an effort.

3. Blog tour. This one I'm having a little bit of trouble with since not many people blog consistently. However, I still reached out to my contacts, and while many have informed me if their lack of blogging, a lot have offered some firm of advertisement, which is definitely a blessing.

4. Create a schedule. There are certain things you need to release to get everyone excited about the book. First and foremost, the title and the release date - which you are all aware of: Losing Myself in You, to be released July 12 - the next full moon! Check back to the blog this week for:

Official summary (Tuesday)
Book Cover (Wednesday)
First chapter (Thursday)
Official Amazon link (Saturday)

5. Reviews
If you happen to have early reviews for your story - which I don't just yet - always make sure you post and advertise them to drum up excitement for the work.

6. More giveaways. Once the book has been out for a few months, I plan to start thinking of more giveaways appropriate to the book and it's content. This way, I can draw in more readers and get my work out there.

That's what I have so far. As I've said, I'll let you know how it works out for me. If you have any suggestions or experience you'd like to share, I'd be happy to discuss this further with you in the comments!

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