Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nerves and Settling Them

I am incredibly nervous.

Today, I sent out two query letters to prospective agents for the novel I hope to get published.  It's different than before (when I was 18, I sent out query letters for a story THE DEAD MAN'S TALE and last year, I did the same with SWIMMING IN RAIN) because I've thoroughly edited my novel and I wrote it in a month - it means so much to me because it deals with something incredibly important to me: hockey.

This is personal.

Which is why I'm nervous sending it out in the business aspect of the publishing world.  Because while it might be personal to me, it's business for them.  If they reject my story, they reject me.

But I'm growing thick skin.  I know I'll need it, especially if I want to be a writer, a published one on that.

So, with my grandfather's hat on my head and the blanket I've had since I was born in my lap - my own form of a subtle alcoholic beverage used solely to calm my nerves - I sent out those two letters.  Something might come from it.  Nothing might come from it.  But no matter what, I'm a writer.  And someday, I'll be a published one.

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