Monday, June 27, 2011


One of my biggest pet peeves is when people ask me to borrow a pen/pencil and/or a piece of paper.

I know, I know.  Everyone who knows me laughs at this, and calls me a nerd.

But whatever.

Because even worse than asking me to borrow those items, is when I actually allow them to take my things, but then they don't give them back!  (Obviously I don't ask for the paper back, but seriously, could they at least change their choice of diction from 'borrow' to 'have' when it comes to the paper or give me a piece of paper the next day?)

I don't know about you, but I like to be organized when it comes to taking notes (AND writing outlines to potential stories).  I use RED, BLUE, and BLACK in order to keep my notes pretty and interesting.  If I let someone borrow a pen from that collection, I'm completely thrown off!  My notes are NOT beautiful and neat, they're just blah!  Luckily, I prepare myself for them, and usually have three types of each color packed in my Johnny Depp pencil case my friend got me for Christmas.

But what happens when I, being the kind person I am, lend out my colored pens and people don't return them?  I'm completely thrown off and grouchy and ugh!

And don't get me started on having to rip a piece of paper out of my perfect, untouched notebook.  As a writer, it kills me.  I hate it.

I know it's horrible and lame and you're probably like my friends, saying, "Really, Heather?  It's just a pen!"

But to me, it's not just a pen.  It's a tool I use to do what I love.  Without a pen and paper, how would I write?

That's just me, though.  We all have ridiculous pet peeves.  I'm preparing myself for mine, even though school doesn't start until September.  Because I know at least ONE person will ask me to borrow something.  (What, do I have a big stamp on my forehead that says, "ASK ME FOR ANYTHING!")

P.S.  Boys: asking me to borrow a pen in order to talk to me is NOT the way to win my heart.

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