Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Do Twitter ads work, part 2

Last week, I talked about buying the bullet and paying for a court le of Twitter advertisements that would tweet two different (and popular) books for 3 days (June 15-17).

Here is what I've found:

Twitter ads DO NOT increase sales

I found that I was getting the usual purchases throughout the time span, and at some point during those days, their ranking increased (it's not a good thing).

However. The rank increase could be because a lot of books launch on Tuesday, pushing my books from their usual rankings. By the end of the week, they resumed their usual positions.

While the ads didn't generate profit, I did get some new followers. So it did grant me certain exposure.

All in all, the pricing was decent but it didn't get me the increase in profit I wanted. On the other hand, I did attain followers. Depending on your goal, it's something to consider.

I think they can absolutely work, but because there are so many of them, people don't even look at them even more. I know I don't.

@booktweeter also provided a copy of each tweet they sent out and any retweets, which I really liked.

Have you used Twitter ads? How did they work for you?

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