Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Play On

Here's the second novel published just last night - a new adult mystery centered around a hockey team and the death of its owner.  Below is the beautiful cover, the summer, and the link where you can purchase it - for only $1.99 on Amazon!

Play On - After she finds her grandfather’s dead body in his office, Seraphina Hanson, a twenty-three year old college graduate, inherits the Newport Beach Seagulls, a hockey team she knows absolutely nothing about. Even though she’d rather be spending the rest of her summer eating macaroni and cheese and watching Law and Order: SVU reruns, Seraphina decides to take on the responsibility of owning and running the team on top of dealing with her grandfather’s untimely death. When the police start to suspect the Gulls’ star goaltender, a man Seraphina believes is innocent, she is determined to solve her grandfather’s murder herself.

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