Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catalyst news

So I know you're all wondering what's up with Catalyst.  Awaken was released about 10 months ago originally, so Catalyst is making good time.  Those who have joined my mailing list were given the opportunity to get a free copy of Catalyst in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.  If you're interested in joining it for upcoming giveaways and contests, feel free to email me at with the subject Mailing List, and I'd be happy to add you to it. 

So its release day is Friday.  Yes.  Catalyst will be released for $2.99 on Amazon some time on Friday.  Friday will also be where I reveal the cover it here on this blog.

But that's not it.

In honor of Catalyst's release, Awaken will be FREE the entire Memorial Day Weekend, starting tomorrow.

Awaken = FREE

So download Awaken, purchase Catalyst, read them over the long holiday and please, please, please enjoy!

Below is the summary - feel free to leave your thoughts about it, predictions, guesses, whatever you want, and come back tomorrow for the link to download your free copy of Awaken and Friday for the cover reveal and the link to purchase Catalyst.

Now that Andie Shepherd is interning at Eagle Corp., life should be easier. She doesn't have to deal with gossip, antagonizing receptionists, and her lingering feelings for CEO Jack Phillip. She doesn't regret her decision to walk away, considering she knows that Jack Phillip is Onyx's own resident vigilant whose first priority is protecting the citizens of Onyx, not being in a relationship with a high school junior. When Noir escapes from Underwood Mental Institution, Andie is forced into Jack's path once again. And maybe it's not such a bad thing, what with her new boss illegally funding an act that could be detrimental to Black Wing and her direct supervisor being someone from Andie's past, someone she's still afraid of. On top of all that, Keirah has disappeared once again, but this time, she's not sure if she was taken by force or left willingly. There are no coincidences in Onyx, not with a war brewing, and Andie doesn't realize it but she's right in the middle of it all.

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