Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Corsets & Crossbones summary and book cover reveal

I've been waiting almost six years for this.  I was 18 when I wrote this book.  Eventually, I published it on FictionPress under the name The Dead Man's Tale, and people followed it, reviewed it, liked it.  But I knew I had to redo it if I wanted it to be published.  For real.  So I worked hard, changed the title, and can say with pride that it's finished and ready.

As always, thank you for your support.  Thanks to my editor and book cover designer, Renee.  Tell me what you think!

At twenty years old, Brooke Cunningham should already be married to a wealthy older man of means, position, and power.  Instead, she's refusing rouge and powder, sassing potential suitors, and staring out her window at the sea, wishing for something more.  Enter Captain Charlie Colt, a branded pirate with charm dripping from his lips the way rubies drip from Brooke's earrings.  Charlie seeks revenge on those who forced him into this life of crime and Brooke wants to escape from a life she has labeled as mundane.  When Brooke finds an old treasure map, Charlie recognizes its value, and they set off on an adventure in order to acquire it.  But they aren't the only ones in search of the treasure. If they aren't careful, Brooke and Charlie could face the bottom of the sea, if the gallows don't claim them first.
If you're interested in getting a free copy, please send me an email with the subject C&C FREE COPY with a promise to review it on Amazon/Barnes and Noble/Goodreads, etc. and a link of a review you left for either FOUR SIDES OF A TRIANGLE and/or AWAKEN.  If you haven't reviewed either book but still want a copy of C&C, leave a review (links below) and send me the link to it, and I'll be happy to get you one right away.

AWAKEN on Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Goodreads
FOUR SIDES OF A TRIANGLE on Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Goodreads

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