Friday, June 27, 2014

Play On: (NEW) Cover Reveal

So, Play On is a hockey murder mystery.  And the cover I created with Amazon's cover creator really doesn't reveal what the story itself is truly about.  Since it's slowly growing in popularity, I knew I needed a better cover that represented the work.

Luckily, I managed to find an AMAZING cover creator and, in order to save on cost, my husband toyed around with his iPhone and a pair of ice skates, and this is what we've all come up with:

Are you ready?

Look at what a sick cover this is.  It's exactly what the work is about: hockey and murder.  There's more, of course; the importance of family, strong, independent heroines, sexual tension, hot hockey players.  But everything I want in its cover is encompassed and I am so, so proud of it.

Thank you, Katya.

Thank you, Frank.

(Katya is open to working with other for cover work.  If you're interested in contacting her, please check out her site:

**You can purchase Play On here.

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